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Availability & Prices

To check availability for Wern Cottage, please use the HomeAway® website calendar link below.  It will open up a new page.  Then return here to the Wern Cottage website by closing that page.  Our price list is shown on the other link below. 


Click here for the VRBO/HomeAway® Availability Calendar.  It is kept up to date as much as possible, so please check if your preferred dates are available.   If the calendar doesn't appear first time, just click on the Availability button at the top.

Click here for the 2022/23 Price List and contact us here if you wish to book.

Please contact us first before paying any amount to Wern Cottage.  If you wish to pay your deposit or outstanding balance online with
Paypal, please click here.  (There will be a small extra charge for using this service just to cover the Paypal charge -  A Paypal account is not required).

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